Why everybody loves Casa Lucio

January 17, 2017 #Restaurants

This famous restaurant based in La Latina neighbourhood is run by Lucio Blázquez and frequented by politicians, artists, bullfighters and even the King of Spain (which obviously means that booking is required if you want to enjoy a meal here).

Casa Lucio embodies the traditional values of Madrid cuisine. It has a 19th-century Spanish tavern-style decor and a lively atmosphere. Aurelio Calderon's kitchen makes that successful home-style cooking since 1974, based on excellent ingredients, professional staff and a comprehensive wine list. On the menu, you must try Madrid-style cocido and their excellent Madrid-style callos, and of course their Spanish omelette with pisto, huevos rotos, stewed capon in pepitoria sauce and Lucio potatoes. There’s also rabo de toro during the Fiestas de San Isidro and plenty of rioja. For dessert, their delicious cold rice pudding is an excellent choice. The lunchtime guisos del día, including cocido on Wednesdays, are also popular. Casa Lucio draws a well-dressed crowd, which has included the former king of Spain, former US president Bill Clinton and Penélope Cruz.