Botero's legacy in Madrid

February 14, 2017 #Monuments

The Colombian painter and sculptor, Fernando Botero, was born in Medellín on April 19th, 1932. He was an early artist, when he was 19 he already had his own exhibition. He soon started to win prizes so he could keep up his work.

We have three of his sculptures in bronze in Madrid. At Columbus’s square, we find Woman with a mirror. At San Juan de la Cruz square we can see The hand and at the Adolfo Suarez Airport’s T1 we find The rapture of Europe.

Woman with a mirror is one of the works he gave to the city of Madrid, right after the great success of his exhibition, Botero en Madrid, in spring 1994. Telefónica bought The hand for seventy million pesetas, and then gave it to the city of Madrid. The telephone company is the owner yet. It’s located in front of the Natural Sciences Museum and it’s another example of the Botero’s taste for large volumes. The rapture of Europe was bought by AENA for the Adolfo Suárez Airport.

His personal touch leaves nobody unmoved, huge works of art, solid (The hand weights 500 kl) and sensual, attract everybody’s attention.